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Snowboarding Picture

Before last year I had almost never seen snow nor had the chance to try any snow sports such as skiing or snowboarding. But last year I decided to give it a try. I took some ski lessons and snowboarding lessons just to see how both feel. I liked skiing but even though it was super hard for me to get the fundamentals, once I got them it seemed too “easy” and not very “challenging”. So I opted for snowboarding and I bought a VERY cheap gear for $150 including everything. I knew that I liked it but I didn’t know how much I really liked it so I figured I’d better buy a cheap gear in case I didn’t like it.

I first thought I was goofy until this year when I realized that I was in fact regular (which kind of makes sense because I am right handed). That prevented me from doing the basic stuff such as J-C turns for a very long time. I remember this one day on chairlift when a very nice guy told me that my feet were positioned weirdly and I should probably think of switching positions (from goofy to regular) but I never listened.

This year is actually when I realized that I couldn’t make any turns so I might as well switch and see how it feels. BINGO, I could make my first basic turns after a lot of bruises and back pains! I am still in the very beginning of the learning curve but I got to a point where I actually enjoy it and that’s all what matters. Right? 🙂

So same thing as with Ice skating I did some research on line and I stumbled upon this website where they teach you everything for every level. As you might guess I am still at the beginner level. They even tell you the things you should know before you buy a snowboard and equipment a lot more!

I really find that watching the videos over and over again helps a lot!